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KING OF KARTS: 3D Racing Fun

Racing Family Action & Adventure

Battle your friends across 8 tracks! Will you be the next KING OF KARTS? Amazing 3D racing game! Get ready to KART!MORE DETAILS + New split screen multiplayer mode+ 4 great different game modes + Local multiplayer matches with up to 6 devices + The coolest power-up items for real arcade action + Discover shortcuts and hidden paths + Activate boost fields and jump ramps + Dare risky stunts and drifts
+ NOW with GAMEPAD support (just like on a console)
Feel the rush and enjoy the fun:+ 6 cool racecar drivers+ 8 breathtaking and adventurous racetracks (2 cups, 4 racetracks each)+ 9 power-up items (water bomb, rubber ball, energy burst, item bomb, boxing glove, crayon, homing missile, autopilot, boost)
GAMING MODES> Cups: Compete in racing series and earn cool rewards.> K.O. mode: battle your friends or the computer.> Single Match: Keep racing your favorite track – with friends or on your own.> Time Trial: Have you perfected your technique? Can you master the drift round the bend? Do you feel invincible? Show them how it's done!
DIFFICULTY> 4 difficulty levels: 50 kW, 100 kW, 150 kW, 200 kW> The ultimate challenge: With each level the game becomes faster and your opponents stronger!
MULTIPLAYER> Compete with up to 6 players via a local network, with each player playing on their own device.> Race and battle with friends and family in cups or individual races.
ACHIEVEMENTS> Earn stars on each racetrack> Win trophies in each cup and unlock new speeds> Increase your skill level and earn points with each race!
RACECAR DRIVERSClaire - the cool musicianBen - the laid-back surferPita - the quirky princessBaboo - the clumsy pandaMigo - the gentle monsterIon - the funny robot
VISIT USWe continuously develop our app further and add new racetracks and cups.Visit us on Facebook and become a fan.
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